Biography of Marc Pircher


Marc Pircher is a pop-folk singer and musician from the Zillertal region in Austria’s Tyrol. He started making music as a boy, and his father, who plays the “Styrian harmonica” (accordion) as a hobby, encouraged his son’s musical talent.

In 1993 Pircher’s first album was released, “Marc Pircher – aus dem Zillertal,” and numerous appearances on TV, music competitions and a variety of awards followed. For example, Pircher received the 2003 Grand Prix der Volksmusik and in 2009 Austria’s Amadeus music award.

Since 2005 Pircher has also appeared more and more often as a television host and at pop-folk music festivals. His albums regularly go gold and platinum, and he has fans in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Since 2004 guitarist Mani Wagner has accompanied Pircher at his concerts and in the studio, and when performing live they’re sometimes joined by other musicians.

In 2012 Pircher celebrated his stage anniversary with the album “20 Jahre – Das Beste und noch mehr….”

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